Paraíso, 15 days in mexico

From day one, we wanted adventure. After weeks of sorting through potential locations like Hawaii, Europe, and the Philippines, my friend and I finally settled on Mexico.

Fancy hotels weren’t on the agenda. Most of our time would be exhausted exploring. All we needed was a place to lay our heads at night, so we booked several rooms through AirBNB. With all the money we saved on our stay, we were able to go the extra mile and plan out some amazing excursions! Because AirBNB took us away from the tourism-side of things, we were able to enjoy an authentic experience. Plus, the locations we booked offered two free bikes to take out which granted easy access to local beaches, restaurants and shops.

Our original budget for the 15 days was $1,500. Everything including the flight, rooms, food, and adventures turned out to be about $1,400 per person — that’s a little less than a $100 dollars a day!

I’m not a professional videographer — short films are just a hobby of mine. I purchased the GoPro Hero 6 to document some highlights from the trip, and I was really impressed with the power behind such a small camera! Of course, a three-minute summary of our adventures could only capture so much. And although my film showcases a digital memory, there’s nothing comparable to the actual experience.

I can’t wait for the next adventure!

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