When El Salvador Captured Me

I had the fantastic opportunity to visit El Salvador June 6-16 as a mission trip with my home church in Chicago. From the get-go, I was determined to emerge myself and learn from a culture so different from my own. While others spoke on “the poverty of this third world country,” all I could see was beauty in virtually everything: interacting with  total strangers in El Jobo, arm wrestling the pastor of a church in Santa Tecla (and losing, but to my defense, he was thrice my size), taking straight shots of hot chili sauce with new friends in San Miguel, riding the back of a pickup truck to El Cuco, and the food — oh my God, their pupusas…amazing!

Midway through the trip, I was inspired to put together a sort of montage music video of my adventures in El Salvador to the song “Captured” by The Digital Age. In no way am I trained in film. For all I know, this video may make the eyes of film students everywhere implode. But I had a blast putting this video together. Although there are a few random hashtags and inside jokes mostly my team will understand, I hope you enjoy the film as well!

ALSO, my blog (as you may have noticed) has been somewhat of a drying desert. However, I plan to pick up a short series on my misadventures, experiences, and thoughts in and about El Salvador soon. Until then, I hope you enjoy the film!

The Digital Age – “Captured”
Label – Fair Trade Services
Director – Christian “Hashtag” Herrera
(Permission pending.)

All music rights belong to The Digital Age.

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