You Can Do It. Social Media Can Help.

I’m sure that teriyaki chicken you prepared all by yourself is amazing. Really, I do. But is it really social media worthy? Sarah Rapp of argues that social media has so much more potential than bragging about what you did today. And that potential is turning an idea into a reality.

For all the visionaries out there, get this: social media can be a foundation for evolving your concepts into something tangible. And it all starts with a conversation. You find something cool? Chances are that other people do too. Social media enables you to find those people and brainstorm with them. Don’t let everyone else figure it out for you. Be a part of a rewarding movement!

But what if you are the trend, the “it,” what people are talking about? Engage with that community you started! After all, they’re more than fans and followers. They’re the people who could very well get your project in motion.

Consider PhoneBloks. It was a simple idea of creating a fully customizable phone with huge potential. Some guys put together a YouTube video explaining their idea, interacted with some fans, and it was an instant hit! So big, as a matter of fact, Motorola took notice and is currently working with the PhoneBloks team in designing perhaps the ultimate phone of the future! PhoneBloks currently has an audience of 381,823,577 followers. Now that’s utilizing social media.

Check out Sarah Rapp’s article on utilizing social media to make ideas happen for more information:

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