How to be Famous

Lady Gaga.

If unwanted images of cross-dressing and dresses made of raw meat just crossed your mind, I am very sorry. The name alone of this famous – and sometimes infamous – celebrity singer instantly rings up interesting conversation, mostly regarding her wardrobe. And that’s exactly my point. Lady Gaga is a perfect example of a celebrity who has distinctively branded herself by making herself visible.

It is impossible to become a brand without visibility (Kaputa 2012). And guess what? Marketers want visibility for their brands because it builds mindshare. What is “mindshare?” Glad you asked. Catherine Kaputa defines mindshare as “awareness of your brand versus those of competitors in the target market.” That means high mindshare for your brand means sales leadership and pricing power.

Basically, you want to be top dog in this game of visibility. You could be extremely talented at what you do. But if no one sees it, you’re nothing. With visibility come great benefits like credibility, awareness, differentiation, career opportunities, and yup, even some level of fame!

You might not necessarily want to use Lady Gaga as your role model, but obviously she’s doing something right. Don’t be “visibly challenged.” Learn more in Catherine Kaputa’s book You Are a Brand!

Kaputa, Catherine. You are a brand!: in person and online, how smart people brand themselves for business success. 2nd ed. Boston, MA: Nicholas Brealey Pub., 2012. Print.

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