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Avoid Online Trolls with These 7 Essential Tips

Considering the fact that I’m not up-to-date with political news as much as I’d like to be, it’s unfortunately the norm when my brain farts and I have no clue what’s going on with our government. I try to stay on top of it, I really do. Political darkness is a scary thing. Maybe that’s why a good friend of mine took it upon herself to fill me in over dinner one fine, Friday night.

“They’re killing babies!”

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Your Cover is Being Judged

Spoiler alert! We are all human. And as humans, we have a long history of judging others by their appearance. I believe the consensus is that we aren’t to judge a book by its cover, but the truth is that it’s so part of our nature. Think about it: whether you believe it or not, you made a judgment on my page. Hopefully a good one because you’re still reading this post. Point of the matter is: there is just no way to avoid the inevitable judgment of others.

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How to be Famous

Lady Gaga.

If unwanted images of cross-dressing and dresses made of raw meat just crossed your mind, I am very sorry. The name alone of this famous – and sometimes infamous – celebrity singer instantly rings up interesting conversation, mostly regarding her wardrobe. And that’s exactly my point. Lady Gaga is a perfect example of a celebrity who has distinctively branded herself by making herself visible.

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Flipping Off Bosses and Other Extreme Sports

Everyone has had that one job they could not stand. Maybe it was the customers who could never comprehend a simple coupon. Maybe it was your lazy employer. At some point, you may very well be ready to blow. Yet all you can do is contemplate vengeful dialogue you will never partake in because it involves calling your boss a [insert obscene word here]. The only thing keeping a particular finger out of his face is the paycheck he hands you biweekly.

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Finding Your Self-Brand Idea in 4 Steps!

“Once the province of political leaders, it’s now critical to success for people in all types of careers,” (Kaputa, 2012).

As it turns out, branding isn’t only for political leaders and cows! In Catherine Kaputa’s You Are a Brand!, she shows just how to brand yourself. But who are you in relation to your business? Kaputa sets out to help you find your self brand and make it a reality in essentially four steps!

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Employers Feel the Pressure on Social Media

We’ve heard of the dangers of social media platforms before. And a good lot of us have heard of that guy who was fired after he was caught spitting in a customer’s cheese burger in the kitchen at Burger King. Oh, he wasn’t caught in the kitchen. He was caught after he uploaded the video to YouTube. But did you know that employers face legal issues when it comes to social media as well?

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